20 Signs A Guy Is A Gentleman That Every Girl Would Love To Date

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10:00 am 21 Sep, 2015

‘A gentleman attracts the attention of many, but only has eyes on his lady’. Well, being a gentleman these days may sound too old fashioned, but the real man can never go out of fashion. Name me a girl who would not like to date a gentleman. Well, if you are a girl and in search of a real gentleman then we’ll reveal a few signs which would make you recognize a gentleman.

1. A gentleman will always apologize after a fight, whether he is wrong or right! He shows respect!

2. A gentleman is a person who would always compliment girls as ‘beautiful’ instead of ‘sexy’.

3. He is the person who would never get into unwanted fights and gossip mongering.

4. He is confident enough and knows how to treat his lady the right way!

5. We have noticed that a gentleman gives only what he loves and takes only what is given to him.

6. They think above all and for them it is ‘Ladies first’.

7. A gentleman will always remain loyal and faithful to everyone including himself.

8. He would never speak against his ex-girlfriends and probably not bitch about them behind their backs.

9. A real man is a person who understands the responsibility of a girl and never lets her keep worrying about things.

10. He always chooses a good lifestyle where he would be appreciated.

11. For him, family and friends would matter more than money.

12. A gentleman would love to crack jokes, but won’t hurt anyone intentionally.

13. He will be polite to all, but intimate only with his lady.

14. He would love to hold your hand firmly, rather than holding grudges over others.

15. A gentleman can be judged by the respect given by him to a person who is at his service.

16. They make wiser decisions and have a perfect future planning.

17. A gentleman never shies to speak the naked truth, even when he is wrong.

18. A gentleman is a gentle-man who does not kiss and tell.

19. He is probably the person who would love to open your mind and heart rather than your cloths.

20. He will be neither arrogant nor have any attitude problem.


‘Being a male is by birth but being a gentleman is a choice.’ So, what would you prefer?


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