20 Signs That Reveal You’re Immersed In Acute Sadness

10:00 am 11 Apr, 2015


With life there comes baggage of emotions. They are a part and parcel of life. Live it, feel it and deal with it. But dwelling on the negatives turns you from happy to crappy.

1. Doing something new? There come the negative thoughts to block your way.

2. You can’t help but think that life is mean to you.

3. You consider smoking or drinking to stop yourself from thinking about your problem.

4. You feel like nothing is working anymore and fail to understand yourself.

5. You know you want something, but you just can help yourself.

6. You take the blame upon you and start cursing yourself. You feel like killing yourself because you were such a moron.

7. You just cannot open up to someone. You want to but you just can’t.

8. You wish you had a time machine, just to make things right.

9. You get the urge of reading previous chats and then smile but suddenly you feel all weird and you go all sad again.

10. The ‘last seen at’ feature becomes your greatest enemy.

11. You overthink more than ever and drown yourself in sorrow.

12. You just cannot concentrate while working and you know it’s killing you.

13. You don’t just listen to sad songs; you drown in the lyrics.

14. You just stare at a person talking to you, not listening to a single word and immersed in your thoughts.

15. You think everyone is your enemy, and the ‘why me’ thought never disappears.

16. You think everything is falling apart and life is never going to be the same.

17. You don’t care about anything; you just want to stay alone, all alone.

18. But then you think no one is there for you and you mean nothing to anyone.

19. You go into flashback mode and you feel like you’re such a waste.

20. You just sit all by yourself, helpless, hopeless and restless, just like you are now.

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