15 Signs That A Person You Think You Hate Has Become Your Hate Crush

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2:00 pm 19 Jul, 2015

There are people in our lives whom we genuinely dislike, and that’s not something bad. The world has a lot of different people with different opinions, experiences, beliefs, etc. It is only when your dislike turns into an obsessive hatred that it becomes out-of-control and needs to be checked immediately. According to research, women are more prone to developing hate crushes. Here are some signs that you have crossed the line into an obsessive ‘hate crush’ and need to examine why this person affects you the way he/she does.

1. They are usually on your mind.

2. You find yourself talking about them a lot.

3. You keep trying to turn them into the butt of the joke.

4. You are constantly stalking them on Facebook.

5. You try to befriend their friends to find out more about them.

6. You imitate the way they do things.

7. You constantly think of hurting them – physically and emotionally.

8. You fantasize about triumphing over them.

9. You make decisions based on what you think they’d think.

10. Your everyday victories don’t matter till they seem impressed.

11. You feel strangely low if you don’t see them for a few days.

12. You have seen them in your dreams.

13. They’re your first and last thoughts of the day.

14. You’ve had some sort of sexual thoughts about them.

15. You feel over the moon when they notice you in any way.


If you find that most of these points fit the situation you find yourself in, take some time to think about why you have let this person become such a big part of your daily life. Try and avoid your regular patterns and find something better to do with your time – or you’ll be heading down a negative spiral.

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