15 Signs A Dreamy Person Will Most Definitely Relate To

10:00 am 30 May, 2015

We love dreaming as that is the place we can surely become and do whatever we want without any disturbance. Day dreaming might also be a hobby of some but it comes with its own risks So here’re 15 signs that show you are a dreamy person.

1. You make up scenarios in your mind during lectures or work which is why there are high chances of you missing out on important stuff.


2. You are sure to zone out when people are trying to make a conversation with you or talking about something.


3. You will listen to songs just so that you can make up a scene you have wished for to happen and you are surely the main lead in it.


4. People but obviously get frustrated when you don’t listen to them as you are busy with your day dreaming sessions.


5. They will keep asking you if you are actually listening to them or if you are really interested!!


6. Your favourite dreaming places are the lecture rooms, bathrooms, toilets, etc. where you spend hours alone.


7. You tend to stare at people even if you don’t intend to as you are busy dreaming or analyzing intense thoughts.


8. They give you a dirty stare back but you are oblivious to it.


9. You think of becoming a writer because your dreams have the potential of getting converted into a movie.


10. You have developed a skill of dreaming without sleeping….anywhere, anytime.


11. You are physically somewhere and mentally somewhere else.


12. The main time of thinking is post 2 a.m. Just staring at the ceiling fan and sinking in the thoughts.


13. You think you have crossed the level of ultimate depression after thinking and being so dreamy.


14. You start questioning your mental stability.


15. Sometimes your dreams come true and you go all wide-eyed.




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