20 Body Language Signs That Can Tell You That A Guy Likes You A Whole Lot

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5:00 pm 10 May, 2015


Since most girls wait for a guy to make the first move, they spend a lot of time analyzing a guy’s behavior and trying to figure out if he ‘likes likes’ them or just likes them. So while he’s either working up the nerve to ask you out or wondering how best to avoid you, here are some signs that he could really ‘like like’ you.

1. He’ll lean towards you

Doesn’t matter if you’re sitting or standing, he’ll lean in towards you. The upper half of his body will be angled towards you and he’ll listen intently to what you’re saying

2. He’ll sit or stand with his legs apart

This posture puts his crotch on display for you – especially if he’s sitting right in front of you. If his legs almost ‘block you in’, he’s consciously or subconsciously displaying a dominant sexual posture.

3. He mimics your expressions and movements


If you’re resting your head on your palm and he does the same, it’s called mirroring. It is a sign of attraction. He will also smile when you smile and look upset if you’re upset.

4. He ‘scans’ your face

When you’re talking to him, he’ll be staring at your eyes, your hair, earrings, etc. If his eyes linger on your lips, that guy wants to kiss you (unless you have a stain or something).

5. He reacts if you talk about another guy

If you mention another guy, a guy who is interested in you will either frown, look upset, suddenly shut up or start talking about some pretty girl who is really into him.

6. He maintains eye-contact

Unless he’s a really shy guy, he will always hold your eye-contact. It’ll be non-threatening and warm gaze; it’s a subtle way of showing his interest and care.

7. He exaggerates his gestures

If he behaves slightly ‘off’, like talking louder, cracking jokes, or even just moving his arms around a lot more, when you’re nearby, there’s a good chance that that he likes you.

8. His friends act goofy when you’re around

If his friends turn to look at him, nudge him, or smile weirdly at each other each time you’re present, he may have confessed his feelings for you to them.

9. He looks at you to see your reactions

If he’s interested in you, he’s interested in getting to know you. If a joke or a story is told, he’ll turn towards you to see your reaction to it. He’s trying to figure you out.

10. He’ll stare at you

Unlike the eye-contact sign, he’ll do this more when he thinks you’re not looking at him. But all hail peripheral vision, because you are and you know he keeps looking at you.

11. He’ll raise his eyebrows

This is one of the first signs that he’s interested in you. It is a natural reaction to something that we find attractive; we raise our eyebrows and our eyes get bigger.

12. He touches his hair

Though this is supposed to be more common with girls, guys do it all the time too. He might smoothen his hair or he might mess it up – whatever he does, he wants you to look at him.

13. He finds ways to touch you

No, not in the creepy groping way, but more subtle and less annoying – a handshake or high five that lasts longer, ‘accidentally’ brushing his arm against your arm, etc.

14. He’ll find ways to join conversations

If he sees you talking to a group of people, chances are that he will come and join the conversation. A guy who is interested in you will not miss an opportunity to get to know you.

15. He looks pissed when other guys talk to you

If you’re talking to other guys, he will look angry or upset. He might even join the conversation and try to make sure that the other guys leave before he does.

16. His voice will get huskier

When men talk to a woman they like, their voices not only get deeper but also become gentler. It’s a sign of being non-threatening or aggressive.

17. He’ll stroke his face

It’s part of the ‘preening’ instinct. He wants you to look at him; he might finger his jawline, stroke his cheek or touch his lips – he’s directing your attention to his features.

18. He’ll try to look bigger

Puffing out the chest, flexing the biceps or standing so close to you that you have to look up at him while craning your neck, are his ways of appearing more masculine.

19. He faces you when in a group

If a whole bunch of you are standing or sitting and talking, his body will be facing your direction. Look at his feet – if they’re pointed at you most of the time, he is into you.

20. He smiles at you often

If every time you cross each other, he smiles at you, he probably likes you. But to be sure of it, watch how often he smiles at others – he could just be a happy chap.