What Delhiites Have Done To Signature Bridge Will Leave You Speechless

5:53 pm 15 Nov, 2018


India, being a third world country is always under a microscope when it comes to development and progress. Our political leaders, development authorities and citizens strive to bring positive changes to our surroundings. Most recently, in terms of infrastructural development, Delhi saw the inauguration of the Signature Bridge. As you all must know, the Signature bridge is India’s first asymmetrical cantilever spar cable-stayed bridge.

The Govt approved the plan of the bridge back in 1998 to cope with Delhi traffic. But the plan could not materialize due to one problem or the other, until now. On November 4, 2018, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal finally inaugurated the bridge.




The bridge has reduced the commute time between north and northeast Delhi to a great deal. But no one expected its state to degrade so soon after its inauguration. Yes, the possible crowning glory of Delhi – the Signature bridge has become a rude reminder of Delhi’s thoughtlessness.



People visiting the bridge are mistreating the engineering marvel. Complete and utter disregard for Delhi’s property is evident in these posts.Here are a few reports of Delhiites mistreating the Signature bridge:


Indian Express tweeted about how people are risking their lives to take selfies at the bridge.



In the bid to get a selfie on the bridge, people are completely ignoring all traffic rules. A bridge which is meant to diffuse the traffic situation in Delhi has become a traffic hazard.


People have even started littering all around on the bridge while indulging in selfie sessions.



Not just this, Delhiites have even started treating the bridge as a picnic spot. This is what a media daily quoted a food vendor as saying about the bridge:


“I came here to sell food for the first time today [on Sunday]. Several people who have come to the bridge are buying food from me. I have earned more than I do at usual tourist spots.”


The same reports also quoted a visitor as saying this about the Delhiites behavior towards the signature bridge:


“The government has done a great job, but people are making the bridge dirty. It is attracting a lot of tourists for sure but it is disorganized.”


Something even more unimaginable happened just yesterday. A few people went nude on the bridge an started taking selfies.

Check out the video below:





After having a look at these, no one can deny the fact that human sensibilities are diminishing day by day. There is an urgent need for us to check ourselves and respect our city and nation.

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