Soon You May Miss Navjot Singh Sidhu In The Kapil Sharma Show

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1:24 pm 16 Aug, 2016

Kapil Sharma’s insane comedy and Navjot Singh Sidhu’s laughter has lit up many of our dull weekends. The riot of jokes, the unstoppable insults, and their great chemistry makes it hard to imagine the Kapil Sharma Show without Sidhuji.


As per sources, in the wake of speculations that Najot Sinhg Sidhu may soon join AAP, news of his quitting the show has been making rounds in the media.

The way Sidhu said goodbye to BJP and Modi government, he may soon replicate his action and also bid adieu to the Kapil Sharma Show.


So far, neither Kapil nor Sidhu have said anything publicly. But if Sidhu joins the Aam Admi Party, we suspect he will be given a higher position. If that happens, Siddhu may not be able to spare time for the Kapil Sharma Show, and chances are he will quit.

We all know that Sidhu’s presence on Kapil’s show has helped it gather more viewers. Now if he quits, it is self-assumed that Kapil may lose hugely on the show’s TRP.

We feel sorry for you Kapil. We know, you’ll miss Sidhu ji so much!


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