Comedian Sidharth Sagar Reveals He Was Thrown In A Mental Asylum And Given Wrong Medicines

3:49 pm 2 Apr, 2018


Comedian Sidharth Sagar’s story has is taking new twist and turn as there have been many developments in the past 24 hours.

We earlier told you about how one of his close friends had raised concern about him in a Facebook post stating that he had been missing for quiet sometime. Later, Sidharth opened up in an Instagram post stating that he was being tortured by his family. However, his friend Somi also revealed that Sidharth’s mother had forced her to put down the Facebook post and even threatened her. Since then, it was not absolutely clear about what exactly must have happened to Sidharth.

Now it has been revealed, as per a new report, that he was thrown into a mental asylum and was even tortured for ailments he never had.

He said:

“I started feeling really low and I had put on weight. Soon I realized, I was depressed. My speech slurred and I was in a bad zone. When I told my parents about it, they said that they have put me on medicines for bipolar disease. I was shell-shocked when I heard it. I know about bipolar and I didn’t have any of the symptoms and here my parents were giving me drugs by mixing it in my food.”

He described everything as the ‘worst phase of his life’ as quoted in the report. “Four-five people used to bash me and I would bleed and lose conscience. I was shattered completely. Somehow, I managed to connect with my managers who pulled me out from there after a month,” explains the report.


It has also been revealed that Sidharth was later shifted to another rehabilitation center where he received proper treatment. This comes as a bad news for many Sidharth fans. Let us hope that everything gets better soon with him!

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