Manoj Bajpai Just Ordered Sidharth Malhotra Back On Twitter And His Fans Just Can’t Stop Celebrating

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7:40 pm 16 Dec, 2017


Few days ago we reported about actor Sidharth Malhotra having left his fans worried after he made some serious changes on his Twitter account.


Sid had changed his profile and header pictures to black and had written “off” on his Twitter bio.



In his last tweet, Sid cryptically wrote “I am done” which left many wondering if he was quitting the industry altogether or was it because of his alleged breakup.

Many fans came to his support and asked him not to give up.

There were also many who contemplated if it was all a publicity stunt to promote his upcoming movie ‘Aiyaary.’

The speculation further escalated when fellow actor Manoj Bajpayee on December 15 ‘ordered’ Sid to come back.


On December 16 the theory was confirmed when Sid not only came back on Twitter but also promised not to ‘go rogue’ again.


He further tweeted that he never said he was going “off grid” and took time to thank his fans for all their support.


His tweets came as a sigh of relief for all his fans who welcomed him back with open arms and asked him never to repeat such a stunt which left them heartbroken.










That’s truly one dedicated bunch of followers Major Bakshi, never lose them.

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