Siddharth Sagar’s Friend Claims That Comedian’s Mother And Her Boyfriend Used To Harass Him

2:49 pm 31 Mar, 2018


The news of comedian Siddharth Sagar’s disappearance left his friends and fans in shock. The report circulated around the web after his friend Somi Saxena set up a Facebook post revealing that Siddharth was untraceable since the last four months. Nonetheless, she later erased that post. Later, Siddharth himself wrote an Instagram post in which he said that he was experiencing something bad. He additionally claimed that his family was also tormenting him. The comic said that he would open up more on the issue in the next couple of days.

In an interview with the International Business Times, Somi  has recently revealed, “We (Somi, Tanu, and Siddharth) used to hangout a lot and suddenly he was unavailable. We had to take some action. Nobody cared enough to even ask. We thought no matter what happens we will find him. That’s when I decided to post and now everyone is concerned.”

She contended further that they (she and friends) didn’t want to disclose his personal life but had no other choice left.

“Tanu tried to contact him and also tried to convince his mother to make us meet him but she denied. She said who are we to ask about him and warned us to stay out of the matter,” Somi explained.

She further revealed that Sidharth’s mother allegedly asked for putting down the Facebook post as it created a buzz in media.

She said:

“His (Siddharth) mother was pressurizing me. They asked me to delete the post as it got a lot of hype. I just wanted to know if he was fine and was concerned about his well-being. She said she will file a complaint against me and book me for extortion as she works in an NGO and has strong contacts. So I got scared and didn’t want all this.”

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Somi has also alleged that a man called him up impersonating Sidharth’s voice and asked her to delete the Facebook post.


This is not just all about what Somi has revealed. She further mentioned, “He (Sidharth) shared that his mother and her boyfriend used to beat him. They used to tie him to tyre and hit him. Torture him. He was under depression and used to take pills. He somehow escaped from there and shifted to a hotel apartment. He couldn’t focus on work.”

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