People Make ‘Sick’ Comments After Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah’s Son Passes Away

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7:06 pm 31 Jul, 2016


Just hours after Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah lost his son Rakesh to multiple organ failure, many started posting sick celebratory comments on CM’s Facebook post so as to celebrate his death.

Rakesh Siddaramaiah, who was 39-year-old, was undergoing treatment at Antwerp University Hospital in Brussels.


He was on an European tour when on July 26 he was rushed to the hospital, after he developed sudden pancreas-related complications.

Over the next few days his condition worsened, leading to his death on July 30 due to multiple-organ failure.



News about his death was broken Karnataka CM office on Saturday evening, following which many started posting celebratory comments and insults against his father.


While there were many who sent out their condolence for Rakesh, there were also others who attacked him and said he paid for his ‘sins’.


Many even took the opportunity to attack Congress and Gandhi family, and asked when would they “die”.



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