6 Cases Where A Rakhi Helped Forge A Great Bond

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10:00 am 29 Aug, 2015

A brother sister bond is sacred and built with trust. Not one day passes when a brother doesn’t think of his sister’s safety and when a sister doesn’t shower her love on her brother. We bow down to this pious relationship and wish all a Happy Rakshbandhan.

1. Nisha Bhaisade and Nilesh Bhaisade

In 2013, Nisha donated 65% of her liver to save her brother’s life, who was suffering from a damaged liver as a result of excessive drinking. Coincidentally the surgery took place on Raksha Bandhan. What else can prove that the brother and sister bond is so strong that nothing can stand between them?


2. King Porus and Roxana

History states that Alexander’s wife Roxana tied a rakhi to the Indian King Puru aka Porus. She did so at the time Alexander attacked India and requested King Porus not to hurt her husband in the battlefield. It is said that during the Battle of Hydaspes, Kind Porus surrendered to King Alexander, hence living up to his promise.


3. Rani Karnavati and Emperor Humayun

Rani Karnavati of Chittor sought protection from Mughal Emperor Humayun and sent him a rakhi when her estate was going to be attacked by Bahadur Shah of Gujarat. Though Humayun offered support but could not reach on time as Rani Karnavati and other women self immolated themselves realizing their imminent defeat after being attacked. However, seeing mughal enforcements Bahadur Shah retreated and Humayun handed the kingdom to Karnavti’s son. It is said that Humayun picked Rani Karnavati’s ashes and applied it on his forehead as a token of appreciation.


4. Samundar Singh and Selmi

The reason the sister’s name isn’t mentioned is because this story is of a man who was made a rakhi brother by the sister of the woman he killed. In 1995, Samundar Singh stabbed Rani Maria to death and was imprisoned for life. However Maria’s family decided to step on the path of forgiveness. Maria’s younger sister Selmi met Samundar in prison and tied him a rakhi and also endorsed his mercy plea. We don’t doubt that Samundar must now be in absolute guilt of having taken life of a woman who posthumously is his sister. The act left such an impact on Samundar and on the society that a film named ‘The Heart of Murderer’ was made showcasing his act of repentence.


5. Vasantiben and Narendra Modi

This year, Vasantiben is a little disheartened of not being able to tie him a rakhi, as she is suffering from health issues. But what comes across the distance is a powerful message. “I pray to God that he gets strength to serve the country,” she said. A sister’s well wish is all a brother needs to build his strength.


6. Kilkari Rainbow Home and Umeed Aman Ghar

These are names of residential homes for street childres, Kilkari for girls and Ummed for boys. Much like everyone, they celebrate all festivals with fun and vigor. On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan the girls are taken to the boys hostel where they tie rakhi to boys who in return bestow them with chocolates. Kudos to the Rainbow Home Programme for letting the kids enjoy the festivals with pride.


We leave you all with this song for brothers to stand tall with their sisters. Watch it and spread the love around



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