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20 Childhood Memories You Have When You Grow Up With Siblings

Updated on 17 November, 2015 at 7:26 pm By

Having siblings, you will never forget the fights you had, the secrets you kept, the plans you made, the jealousy you experienced and of course, the tears you cried together. So here’s to all the lovely siblings out there, we know most of you will instantly connect with these childhood memories.



1. All the fun you had at home was possible because you always had a partner in crime.

Be it pillow fights, playing pranks, planning surprises for your parents, or decorating the house for special occasions and festivals, all these things could not have been the same without your sibling partnering with you on them.


2. There are no siblings in the world who haven’t fought for the first turn to the washroom in the morning.


3. Hiding food and other treats from each other, only to find out they’ve been secretly taken from your hiding place.

Got chocolates from your boyfriend, or a box of methai from your grandparents? If you have siblings, you’ll remember, there was no hiding such things. Somehow, your brother or sister, were the biggest spies around you and your belongings.


4. The ultimate fight was over who would gets the TV remote.


Wasn’t it seldom that you guys wanted to watch the same TV channel? We bet it was, because the one with the remote always rules.


5. The thrill to see them punished for mean things they said to you was just the best feeling in the whole wide world.


6. No matter how quietly you opened your bag of chips, your siblings never left you without asking for their share.

Basically you can never enjoy anything alone, when you have the company of siblings!


7. There’s always one memory of you letting them hit you back harder, in exchange for not telling your secret to your parents.


8. Your mom bought you something and asked you not to tell your brother or sister, and you went ahead to tell them exactly what mom said.


9. How you were always told to behave affectionately and respectfully with your siblings in public.


10. If you’d ever wanted them to cry, you told them they were adopted.

Wasn’t this just the meanest and most cherished line you ever said to them?


11. And of course, your parents may have tried putting you and your siblings in matching clothes, only to annoy you both.


12. The ultimate revenge was met only when you caught your sibling lying to your parents and you told them the truth.


13. No matter who was wrong in a fight, Ma always yelled at both, seldom taking sides.


14. Bedtime was never boring. In fact, you looked forward to sharing inside jokes and sometimes making serious conversation too.


15. You both hated it when people said you guys look alike.

But as you grow up to be adults, you learn that it’s actually a good thing.


16. In the absence of parents at home, it was always like Tom chasing Jerry or the other way around.


17. You competed against each other in everything, including who is the laziest, the most intelligent, the dumbest and of course who is the parents’ favorite.


18. How you always looked for ways to make your siblings do the work you were supposed to do.


19. And no matter what, at the end of the day, you always had a shoulder to cry on.


20. And who forgets the rare times when your siblings covered up your late night absence.


By the time you’re all grown up, you realize how much you miss sharing every small and big thing with them. Be it your thoughts, your ambitions, dreams, or just a box of chocolates. You wish you had more time. And when distance and age take you apart, you realize they were not just your siblings, but your best friends too, and that you miss them every single day.



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