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This Bride’s Dance Steps On Sia’s ‘Cheap Thrills’ Is Crashing Internet Like Never Before

Published on 8 May, 2017 at 4:53 pm By

Have you seen any bride-to-be doing stuff that soon catches the attention of many people? We have seen brides going mad over their wedding, their happiness can be figured out from the fact that they spend enormous amount of time in order to make that one day memorable. Some focus on amazing party ideas, other want to make it no less than a fairy-tale.

However, there is one bride, who has taken over the internet – Reason being her super-glam filled dance steps on Sia’s Cheap Thrills.


Unlike most brides, who prefer to sit back once their make-up is done, this bride decided to do something unique. Amisha Bhardwaj and her friends took up the ever popular dance number Cheap Thrills and curated the dance steps in their own ways. While the makeup artist is doing her make-up, Amisha keeps her spirit high and sings along the tune of the song.

Till now, the video has been shared over 1200 times on Facebook, people have been reacting with all their love for the bride. Here is the video for you!



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