MMT Editor Shuchi Singh Kalra Is Back On Twitter And Gets A Heartwarming Welcome By Her Supporters

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12:45 pm 21 Jul, 2017


Shuchi Singh Kalra, the editor of Make My Trip who posted a tweet slamming Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s tweet praising Kashmiriyat and its spirit had deactivated her account for some reason, or perhaps, she was forced to do so.

Shuchi Singh Kalra


Here is what Home Minister Rajnath Singh had tweeted:

Shuchi Singh Kalra’s response to Home Minister’s tweet was removed from twitter, however, its screenshot can be seen below:

The tweet which Shuchi Kalra posted.


Kalra’s language was harsh but her point was bang on. She had pointed out that instead of praising the spirit of Kashmiriyat, it is more important to eliminate terrorists, who have been attacking and killing citizens and army men of India and the recent terror attack on innocent pilgrims of Amarnath was another such attack.

Home Minister Rajnath Singh TheIndianExpress


As a citizen of a country whose citizens were killed for no mistake of theirs (which keeps happening frequently) her argument was absolutely valid. But the Home Minister appeared to be offended by her tweet. In response to Shuchi Singh Kalra’s tweet, Rajnath Singh tweeted something that indicated that he was upset with Kalra’s tweet or perhaps misinterpreted what she said. This is what Rajnath Singh tweeted in response to her tweet:

Eventually, Kalra deactivated her account for some reason but a section of Twitterati was disappointed by that. They were exasperated by how an innocent citizen was hounded by the media and self-proclaimed Liberals and had to ultimately deactivate her twitter handle. Many of these twitterati announced that they will boycott Make My Trip and cancel their bookings with the company if she is sacked and on the other hand, many of those hounding Kalra had warned of boycotting the travel company is she is not fired. Here are some of the tweets by tweeple supporting Kalra:

However, soon there were media reports asserting that Make My Trip did not fire Kalra though it said that her views on Twitter were her “personal thoughts” and do not in any way reflect the views of Make My Trip. The company in its statement also said that it regrets the language used by her. Here are some posts by tweeple happy that she wasn’t sacked:

Now there is more good news for the entire Twitter populace that stood up in her support. Shuchi Singh Kalra is now back on Twitter. She announced her return on the social media platform with the following tweet:

For obvious reasons, her supporters and many other Twitterati were delighted and offered her a warm welcome.

And in the middle of these greetings was a tweet all the way from the new President of the country, Ram Nath Kovind. Have a look at it here:

This heartfelt welcome cheered up the blogger quite a lot and made her tweet this: