Twitterati Trolled Actress Shruti Seth For A Nostalgic Tweet, Asked Her To Move To Pakistan

9:45 pm 24 Jun, 2018


Do you remember Jiya Malhotra from the hit TV show ‘Shararat’? Hopefully you do, after all, she was India’s first reel teenage witch. Interestingly, American TV show ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’ was the supposed inspiration behind this character. Shruti Seth, the Mumbai-born VJ, and actress, portrayed the character of Jiya Malhotra and shot to fame.

Post ‘Shararat’, Shruti Seth went on to portray major roles in shows like ‘TV, Biwi Aur Main’, ‘The Suite Life of Karan & Kabir’ and more. She has also worked in many supporting roles in Bollywood movies.


Actress Shruti Seth. Source

Shruti Seth has a strong voice and often shares her opinions on different matters concerning life, politics and entertainment biz etc. It is true that we live in complicated times when the class and religious differences are causing prominent disturbances.


Shruti with husband Danish Aslam. Source

And with the hopes of spreading positivity, Shruti Seth recently took to her Twitter account and posted a message indicating her nostalgia for simpler times. This is what she has posted:



But instead of getting the message across, the actress ended up getting trolled. A lot of tweeple found it naïve on the actress’s part to assume that the differences were a recent phenomenon. And others thought that she was living in a bubble if she expected the differences to disappear on a whim.

This is how people responded to her nostalgic tweet and many taught her what she should do. Take a look:

She should go off social media for a year.



Go off social media and wear rose-tinted pinky glasses?



She should move to a place where only good people live such as Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, LOL.



Social Media (SM) has exposed us to the crude reality of society?



She’s ignorant, really?



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