Shraddha Kapoor Had Formed This Club In Her Childhood To Solve ‘Ghost’ Mysteries In Her Building

2:17 pm 17 Aug, 2018


Believe it or not, but we all have some or the other supernatural experience to share with one another, irrespective of the fact that we cannot always prove the veracity of such paranormal phenomena. But one thing that needs no validation is the fact that from the youngest ages and into early teens, we just cook anything up for our pleasure. Creating ghost stories in one of those guilty pleasures. Isn’t it? Trust us, you are not alone as gorgeous Shraddha Kapoor also admits having created such imaginary ghost stories in her childhood.

Kapoor, who will shortly be seen in Dinesh Vijan’s movie Stree, reveals that years ago in her childhood, she along with her friends from the building had formed an X-Files Club to investigate the strange and the unexplained.



When TopYaps asked the feisty actress if she has ever experienced supernatural occurrences in her personal life, she shared this amazing childhood experience:


“When we were kids, me and my friends from the building I lived in, formed an X-Files Club. We formed it to solve the mysteries of our building. I still live in that building, but now I don’t feel it’s haunted (laughs). But when I was little, I noticed there was an attachment of a bungalow to our building where no one lived. Nobody knew anything about it and it would always remain open. So, my friends and I imagined that there were ghosts and through the X-Files club, we investigated there. We made stories ourselves and we solved them ourselves. This was a child imagination though.”




Shraddha Kapoor’s next film Stree is a horror-comedy, a genre which has not been explored much in Bollywood. When asked about her favourite memory of a horror comedy movie, the actress revealed:


“My best memory of a horror comedy, I think, would be this Hollywood movie called Scary Movie (2000). It’s so funny and it is supposed to be a horror comedy. I really liked that.”



Helmed by Amar Kaushik and also featuring Rajkummar Rao and Aparshakti Khurana, Stree is scheduled for its theatrical release on August 31, 2018.