Why Toilet Stall Doors Don’t Go All The Way Down To The Floor

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1:19 pm 16 May, 2016

Ever been so vella as to wonder why public restroom doors don’t go all the way to the floor? Well, I understand people aren’t that free to pay attention to such peculiar things. I always had this fear of somebody popping  underneath randomly. Finally, here are some of the most convincing reasons for these bizarre doors:


1. There are a lot of restroom stalls to be cleaned. Short doors makes mopping and cleaning faster and easier.



2. Since, the doors don’t go all the way to the floor, any medical emergency won’t go unnoticed. People outside can easily help the person stuck inside.



3. These doors cost less, so it’s cheaper for the owners.



4. They help avoid things like vandalism, graffiti, drug abuse, or even sex.



5. In case you end up locking yourself, you won’t have to wait and shout for others. Simply climb over or go under to come out.



6. They help avoid unnecessary knocking. You will know that people are doing their business inside.



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