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Uttarakhand’s Adults With Height Less Than 4 feet To Get Rs. 800/Month Only

Published on 21 July, 2015 at 5:43 pm By

Uttarakhand has proposed financial assistance for all adults who are less than four feet tall, as they “face a lot of difficulties in their day-to-day lives”, reports Times of India.

Officials at the directorate of social welfare told that he decision was taken at a departmental meeting that was presided over by Chief Minister Harish Rawat.

There are reportedly over 200 medical conditions responsible for preventing an adult from attaining normal height, including hormonal imbalance. No sure-shot cure is available for the condition.


A letter to this effect has been sent to all districts which has sought a count of all adults less than four feet tall in the state’s 13 districts. The letter says that all people aged 21 or more and less than four feet in height would be identified for the benefit, to be offered by the social welfare department.

 Vishnu Singh Dhanik, director at Uttarakhand’s social welfare department, said:


“All those identified will be paid Rs. 800 per month. The survey in all thirteen districts is going on. Their appearance causes them to face ridicule and discrimination. I hope this scheme will help them.”

We do not agree. Discrimination cannot be substituted with money, and that too with a paltry Rs. 800. The society needs to change its attitude towards such people. Height doesn’t make a person any less capable.

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