Time To Party All Night! Shops, Restaurants, Malls To Remain Open 24*7

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4:44 pm 29 Jun, 2016

Thanks to 7th Pay Commission, we will soon have shops, malls, restaurants, and other establishments operate 24*7 throughout the year.

Cabinet approved the model law that allows doing the same. According to the proposal, it will cover establishments employing 10 or more workers except manufacturing units and will provide freedom to operate 365 days in a year with flexibility on timing to open and close.


The model law asks that women should be employed  in night shifts with adequate security.

Further, it asks for better working conditions like drinking water, canteen, first aid, lavatory for workers.


A woman employee behind a bar counter thealternative

A woman employee behind a bar counter

The Labour ministry proposal can be adopted by the states as per their requirements.


Night market indiatoday

Night market

The model law is aimed at generating additional employment as shops and establishments will have freedom to operate for longer hours requiring more manpower.



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