Why A Shopping Spree Alone Is Worth Missing Out The Fun With Your Bae

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2:45 pm 18 Mar, 2016


A shopping spree with bae undoubtedly sounds exciting. Unfortunately, the day sooner turns into all play and no work. More often than not, it’s neither fruitful nor productive, leaving you not only in-satiated but guilty and regretful for either overspending or making bad choices.

While I’ve made plentiful short grocery shopping trips alone, I usually looked out for a helping hand when I had some serious shopping plans. For a change this time, I ditched the former idea and pushed myself to do it on my own.

And I must say, I am not only satiated but proud too. Here’s why you need to give it a shot too!

You are not in a rush

You have all time in the world to pick, feel, try or simply stay stranded in choosing a better yellow. When you’re with someone, there’s a constant pressure to give them their shopping time so that of course, splits your time into two.


You don’t abandon your choices in guilt

Oh, this guilt is killing. When you are really confused and want to spend an eternity in making a wise decision, the guilt of making someone wait is terrible – so terrible that you totally abandon that pretty skirt you were almost about to buy.


You don’t have anyone judging you

Its pretty creepy to have someone eye the brands, clothes or make-up you choose. Heading out alone frees you from  prejudices and hence you feel comfortable, which naturally give you more space to experiment without having anyone to validate you.

You can split your budget wisely

There might be a few perks in shopping with a bae, but when it comes to budget planning, there isn’t any. Being alone helps you mentally calculate your splurge, gives you the time to decide if that extra buck is worth it and the space to analyze what else you really need to spend on. It teaches you to PRIORITIZE.



You end up choosing what YOU like and not what someone else thinks will look good on you

This happens to us all the time. We succumb to the pressure of twin-shopping and end up buying things which our friends thought made us look slimmer. Sometimes, we also leave things we thought we could have give a  try. However, when you are on this adventure alone, there are no rules to abide by.


You feel confident and responsible for your choices

Lounging in the stores all by yourself can be pretty intimidating initially. But once you take the leap, you wouldn’t want to do otherwise. Apart from the freedom it gives, the experience makes you own up your money and closet choices wisely. Even if you make a regretful purchase, you know how to take it in your stride; because it was ‘your’ decision and not someone else’s.


You will learn better decision making

Oh, the trouble of choosing between a golden and a silver pair of earrings! It’s daunting. I can make huge life decisions but a trivial choice between colors leave me anxious. So, this time, I stood ten minutes straight in the aisle staring at those two earrings with utter dismay. I did not have anyone to ask and quickly sort it out. So it may have taken 10 minutes, but I finally picked the silver ones on my own. It felt good.


So, if the next time you don’t want to just have fun in the name of a shopping spree, but actually want to splurge your hard-earned money to pamper yourself, head out alone.

I promise, every penny you spend will be worth it!