Shoojit Sircar Made Varun Dhawan Sacrifice Sleep For An Entire Week And The Reason Will Surely Amaze You

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2:56 pm 8 Mar, 2018


There is no doubt that Varun Dhawan is one of the finest actors of the Hindi film industry. He will next be seen in Shoojit Sircar’s ‘October’. All that is known about the film so far is that Varun will be playing the main lead in the film which is a story about different shades of love. Since no other details about the film except this have been revealed yet, a lot of contemplation is going on around it.




Amidst all the buzz, it was recently revealed that Varun Dhawan is being drilled hard so that he can play his character with perfection. Surprisingly, director Shoojit Sircar did not let Varun Dhawan sleep for a week. Shoojit Sircar is renowned for making his films authentic, so he deprived Varun of sleep for a span of entire week for the same.



Actually, he wanted Varun to look sombre for a few scenes in the film. Therefore he instructed Varun to not sleep or sleep for a maximum of an hour or two for seven days at a stretch. Media reports have it that Varun abided by his director’s instructions without any hesitation and its result on camera was very dramatic as expected.



Talking about the same, Shoojit Sircar said:

“Yes I usually do this with many of my actors, used this during PINK as well. A couple of scenes with Varun required extensive emotional burstouts, a performance that showed him quite exhausted..depth and weight in his overall demeanour and eyes, coupled with a tired voice, so i asked him to not sleep at night prior to the scenes.”



Talking about ‘October’, Varun Dhawan told Pinkvilla:

“This film has had such a big impact on me that after finishing the shoot, there were days when I was just alone. I couldn’t meet people. I didn’t want to interact too much with people and I just felt that…I was just viewing my life and I was like why am I living it in this way and I made some changes to what kind of person I am. I’ve tried to put that back in my work. It’s almost like someone put a reset button on me.”


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Produced by Ronnie Lahiri and Sheel Kumar, ‘October’ also stars Banita Sandhu in the main lead. The trailer will be released next week while the film is slated for release of April 13, 2018.