9 Types Of Shoes Every Woman Needs To Own

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Updated on 28 Aug, 2018 at 7:09 pm


“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”- Bette Midler

A dog may be man’s best friend, but women have their own best friends: shoes. Visit any of your female friends’ homes and you will notice that they have a shoe rack overflowing with shoes, with shoes under the bed, on the stairwell, basically in every nook and cranny around the house. Women will own shoes for every occasion and then some for occasions which have not yet even occurred (future planning, baby). But there are a few classics that you will find in every woman’s home.

Women shoes

1. Ballerina calling



Ballet flats are a classic in the shoe circuit and a must buy for all women out there. Buy them in black, pink, red or any color that catches your fancy and you can be assured of the fact that you can never go wrong slipping into these uber cool and comfortable shoes. Team them with a pair of jeans or a dress, they’re completely chic and easily complete your look.

Ballet flats

2. Pump it up with high heels

A pair of black high heeled pumps is so important in every woman’s shoe closet. Ideal for work and a night out, pumps will give you added height and make your legs look long and lithe. Pumps in a pure black are an old classic, having been flaunted by Audrey Hepburn to Madonna. Don’t wait to invest in one soon.

Night out shoes

3. Work it with the workout shoe!

Another must is the workout shoe. These are one of the most important shoes that you will buy so you should spend some time studying all of your options before settling on one. These are the shoes that will help in your quest for a fitter and svelter you.


4. Boot-y-licous boots

Short boot

Boots are so important, especially in the harsh Delhi winters. Apart from being stylish, boots can also be fun and flirty. You can almost never go wrong while buying a pair of boots, whether they’re a shocking pink and ankle length, or a dark, emerald green up to your thighs. Boots instantly glam up any outfit that you want to wear and give you that extra oomph for your night out.

Long boot

5. Wedges beat the heat

Wedge heel

Those crazy Delhi summers that seems so endless and unforgiving with their heat. The perfect way to try and beat the heat and keep your feet looking pretty can easily be done by buying a pair of cute wedge heels. They come in lovely colors, and you can even buy them in jute. Team them with a dress and you’ve got yourself a classic summer look with which you just can’t possibly go wrong.

Wedge shoe

6. Motorcycle boots

Motorcycle boots bring out the inner crazy girl in you. These shoes make you look like the tough girl from The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (without the tattoos). They are also easy to play around with. You can wear it with a floor length maxi dress, or a pair of hot pants. Whichever way you decide to go with these bad boys, the result will always be spectacular.

Tough girl wear shoe

7. Strappy high heel sandals

Strappy sandal

These are another must have for every woman. They are perfect to wear with a dress for a date in the evening, or with a sari for a wedding soiree. They make your feet look absolutely stunning. We suggest wearing strappy sandals with a lovely bright shade of nail polish.

Strappy sandals

8. Casually happy

Casual shoe

Owning a pair of casual shoes is also important; your feet really do need a break every once in a while. But don’t let the name “casual” fool you for an instant. These shoes may be super comfy, but they are far from ugly. You can get these bad boys in different colors, styles, prints (leopard print, anyone). Make sure you have one of these for those days when even your feet need an off.

Casual shoe

9. Statement shoes

Classic vintage

Statement shoes are lovely. They are nothing more than a pair of shoes that seem so out of this world, maybe even bizarre, that they can change the way your entire outfit looks in just a few seconds. Invest in a pair of shoes with studs, or a classic vintage pair of shoes, or anything zany and we promise you, they will never let you down.



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