Shoe Thrown At JNUSU Leader Kanhaiya Kumar In Nagpur

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6:18 pm 14 Apr, 2016

It was a scene of chaos at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) students’ union leader Kanhaiya Kumar’s first public address at Nagpur. He was speaking at a public meeting on the occasion of 125th birth anniversary of BR Ambedkar.

He told the audience “Nagpur is Ambedkar’s land not Golvalkar’s.”

Attacking RSS in his speech, he said: “Sangh headquarters is not Parliament and manu smriti is not Constitution.”

However, his speech was disrupted as eyewitnesses said a shoe was thrown at Kanhaiya at the venue.



Seeing some men with shoes and slippers prompted Kanhaiya to say, “What sort of patriotism is displayed by throwing slippers?”

Police have detained five people in connection with the attack.

This is Kanhaiya Kumar’s first visit to Nagpur after he was charged with sedition for allegedly organising and participating in an event at JNU where anti-national slogans were raised. The incident had sparked a nationwide debate on nationalism and led to a face-off between student groups and the BJP-led government at the Centre.


Earlier, Bajrang Dal’s city chief Rajkumar Gupta termed Kanhaiya a “traitor.” The leader of Yuva Sanghatan Parshu Thakur had also demanded cancellation of the meeting. Some women’s organisations had also alleged that whatever Kanhaiya has done has only spread crime and an atmosphere of chaos in society.


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