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9 Greatest Shocks That India Has Given To Pakistan

Updated on 15 August, 2018 at 10:02 am By

In spite of gaining independence from British rule at the same time, India has grown tremendously and beaten Pakistan in more than one front. Yet Pakistan doesn’t seem to understand that it is powerless before India’s might. Waging war against India is just going to be a suicide for Pakistan especially because India is presently armed to the teeth and is quickly entering defense deals with different countries. Still, for some bizarre ego issues, Pakistan is continuously trying (rather vainly) to take on India. It is time to do some reality check again — for Pakistan, of course! Of the many India’s shocks to Pakistan since August 15, 1947, here are 9 of the most prominent ones.



1. Comments on reconsidering ‘no first use’ of nuclear weapon

India has been maintaining its stand of not using nuclear weapons first for a long time, and it is still technically the official stand of the Government of India. But the remarks that our former defense minister Manohar Parrikar made about reconsidering the ‘no first use’ sent the Pakistani media and government into frenzy, who have been threatening India with nuclear weapons since the day it had acquired them.

Parrikar’s comment was soon followed up by MIT professor Vipin Narang who stated that there are enough indications that India might not wait for Pakistan to use nuclear weapons first and expose Indian cities to the threat, but rather go on a full-scale nuclear attack in any war-like event and try to wipe out all the possibilities of a nuclear attack from Pakistan’s side. If you may have noted, Pakistan has since minimized its childish threats of nuclear weapons to India. So perhaps this was one of the greatest India’s shocks to Pakistan.



2. International reputation

Over the years, India has been able to create for itself an international reputation as a progressive nation. The world has developed an admiration for its culture and traditions. Though there is much to be done for tourism in India, the industry is still 30 times larger than that of Pakistan. All of this despite the fact that Pakistan is continuously trying to break the peace and hamper the safety of India. Not only that, yoga, Ayurveda, Bollywood and other Indian elements such as the concept of karma have been able to garner much interest about India internationally.


Pakistan? Well, it is now synonymous with terrorism. According to a latest report on tourism competitive index, Pakistan stands at 124th position out of 136 countries while India stands at number 40 having taken a giant leap from 65 in the last three years.



3. Leaving Pakistan light-years behind in space research

While Pakistan had become the third Asian country to launch a rocket after Israel and Japan in 1962 with the help of NASA, a year before India could do the same and enter into the space race, it is India which stands decades ahead of Pakistan today.

India’s ISRO has been able to reach the Moon and Mars, and recently has set a world record by launching 104 satellites in one go. On the other hand, Pakistan’s SUPARCO is still unable to develop indigenous satellite launching technology and it won’t be able to do so before 2040. India, meanwhile, is making plans to reach Venus. And by the year 2030, India would be extracting Helium-3 from the Moon to meet its energy needs.



3. An exemplary Hindu-Muslim unity much to the distress of Pakistan


One of the biggest shocks that India has been able to deliver to Pakistan is the unity among the Hindus and Muslims. Jinnah’s two-nation theory was based entirely on the assumption that a country which accommodates Hindus and Muslims together, and where Muslims are in minority, would be a chaos for the Muslims. Pakistan was thus created mainly to accommodate Muslims was to be heaven for the followers of Islam.

But after 70 years of partition, a Muslim girl from India went to the ‘heaven for Muslims’ only to get abducted and tortured before somehow, fortunately, being rescued back to India. Uzma, who returned to India on May 25 in 2017, after spending about 30 days in Pakistan touched the soil of India as soon as she entered the country.

Pakistan, despite being an Islamic republic, could not keep its shit together and India, despite its enormous diversity, is still far better for the Muslims.



4. Economic progress

Post partition, Pakistan was seen as model economy in the eyes of the world. It was in fact doing such wonders that South Korea actually copied the second Five Year Plan of Pakistan to develop its economy. India, meanwhile, due to its large population and poverty, remained chaotic. But then the military dictatorship and the primary agenda of Islamisation overtook development in Pakistan. India progressed slowly, and then in leaps and bound. Today, the state of Maharashtra alone has higher nominal GDP with $390 billion (estimated) than the nominal GDP of entire Pakistan which stands at $284 billion (estimated).



5. A stable and working democracy

India and Pakistan both started as democratic nations, but after 70 years, while Indians have taken democracy for granted, there is always a shadow of uncertainty lingering over the democratic structure of Pakistan. Time and again, the military has taken over the country thereby creating a mockery of democracy. India, in spite of its diversity and huge population, has been amazingly able to keep intact the democratic system except for a small hiccup when Indira Gandhi imposed emergency, which is unlikely to be repeated.

Also, while Pakistan doesn’t even recognize the minorities and violent mobs kill them over blasphemy, in India, a country with 80% Hindus, we had a Sikh Prime Minister for 10 years and a Muslim president adored by everyone. Pakistan can only be amazed at these facts.



6. Surgical strike that Pakistan is ashamed to admit

After the news of Indian Army carrying out a cross-border surgical strike on NSCN(K) camps in Myanmar reached Pakistan, their first reaction was that they warned India to not dare to do anything similar in Pakistan because ‘Pakistan is not Myanmar’. They gave similar warnings after US carried out operations inside Pakistani territory and voices were raised in India asking New Delhi to do the same. That time, Pakistan warned that India is not the US.

Pakistan carried the misconception that Indian Army wasn’t brave enough to do anything against Pakistan. And guess what? About 10 days after the surgical strike inside Myanmar, India made its way into Pakistan, stayed there for four hours, killed 38 terrorists and destroyed 7 terror launch pads.



7. From menace to being polio-free

India and Pakistan suffered much from polio in their respective pasts. In fact, in the 1980s, India witnessed a staggering 2,00,000 new cases of people getting infected with poliomyelitis each year, with about 1,000 children contracting infantile paralysis. Since then, India has come a long way and has been able to make the impossible possible and now is declared a polio-free country. In Pakistan, however, the disease has remained endemic despite being a fraction of India’s population and presently amounts to 80% of the total cases annually.



8. Befriending Pakistan’s allies

One of the greatest achievements of India’s foreign policy, especially in the recent years, has been befriending allies of Pakistan which has been giving the country sleepless nights. There was a great fuss among Pakistanis when one of their main allies, UAE, lit the tallest skyscraper in the world Burj Khalifa with the colors of Indian national flag on the occasion of India’s 67th Republic Day. India has been able to establish ties with Pakistan’s closest allies like Iran, Saudi Arabia and the US, and sign major economic and strategic deals with each of them.



9. The embarrassing defeat in the 1971 war

How can we not talk about this? The 1971 war between India and Pakistan was a result of pre-emptive airstrikes on 11 Indian air stations by Pakistan. The war was actually between Bangladesh (then East-Pakistan) and Pakistan. It was a liberation war for Bangladesh from the oppressive West-Pakistani regime, and India stayed away from getting involved in the war directly. But once Pakistan attacked, it proved to be suicidal for the country as India declared a full-fledged war against Pakistan. India entered the war on December 3, 1971 and forced present-day Pakistan to sign the instrument of surrender on December 16, 1971. That marked the creation of Bangladesh. The war got over in just 13 days after India intervened and the memory of it still makes Pakistan uncomfortable.



Any more India’s shocks to Pakistan you can think of?


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