Shobhaa De’s Tweet Praising Women Cricketers And Mocking Virat’s Team Has Made Tweeple Angry, REALLY ANGRY

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1:00 pm 3 Aug, 2017


Cricket is no less than a religion in our country. Indian cricketers are often referred as demigods by fans. However, the society has never been equal with both men and women cricketers. We hardly knew anything about women cricketers and, frankly speaking, they never got the attention no matter how well they played.

Indian Women Cricketers.


Fortunately, the time has come when people are respecting and praising Indian women cricketers as much as they love men cricketers. The women’s cricket team is finally getting the attention they always deserved. With the rise in commercials, we often see sports-persons endorsing different brands and making crores. But many people think that this opportunity shifts the minds of the players from their game. One of these people is columnist Shobhaa De.

Indian Writer, Shobhaa De.



Shobhaa De has always been vocal about her opinions no matter how many times she has been trolled because of her views. Raising her opinion again, Shobhaa De tweeted to appreciate the rising popularity of the Indian women cricketers. The writer thinks all this commercialization will ruin Indian women’s team’s future. In her tweet, Shobhaa De took a dig at Indian cricketers for all the money they make by endorsing brands and how they are gathering fame because of commercialization.

The 69-year-old made an unnecessary attempt to insult the men in blue who have done immense hard work to reach where they are today.

Here’s what Shobha De tweeted:

Soon Shobha De’s tweet went viral and Tweeple thrashed the writer with harsh questions. People raised the question that why can’t the women cricketers take advantage of their success. Many even pointed out that women can be praised without insulting men and Shobhaa De should have done that instead of speaking ill about the Indian cricketers.

Check out some of the reactions that Shobhaa’s controversial tweet got:

This is not the first time Shobhaa De has been thrashed. Her stinging comments and tweets have created a chaos on Twitter in the past as well. Why don’t people learn from their past mistakes?



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