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A Twitter User Asks Shoaib Malik What He Thinks Of M.S. Dhoni. Malik’s Response Is Making Everyone Proud

Published on 17 September, 2017 at 3:00 pm By

Shoaib Malik is a cricketer of class. He is the former skipper of the Pakistani cricket team who now plays in the Independence Cup for his country. Though an all-rounder, Malik’s forte is his spin bowling. He has taken 153 wickets and scored 9 centuries in the ODI format of the game.


Malik’s India connection is through his wife, tennis star Sania Mirza. Of course, that makes him dear to many Indians.



On September 14, Malik was in a mood to hold a Q&A session with his fans from around the world. Using the hashtag ‘AskMalik’, the cricketer took a series of questions and answer them with elan.



But one fan had a very unique question on her mind. This:

Yes, what does Malik think of Mahendra Singh Dhoni?

The question might appear to be a tricky one. A Pakistani cricketer being asked about a legendary cricketer of the rival camp is exactly like that. But let us not forget that sports has always managed to keep itself above the politics and it is largely because of sportspersons.

So Malik responded with this tweet:

Wait, what? Did he call Dhoni a goat? Now before you go all guns blazing on Malik, learn that GOAT is the urban dictionary acronym for ‘Greatest Of All Time’.



So that’s what Malik thinks of Mahi, and no wonder Twitter users praised the Pakistani cricketer.


Oh, and he was also asked what he likes most about India!



Truly, Malik is winning our hearts.

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