A Troll Tried To Spread Rumours About Shoaib Akhtar’s Death, Shoaib Got Back At Him Like A Boss

2:24 pm 23 Mar, 2018


Veteran cricketer Shoiab Akhtar has retired from International cricket in 2011. Shoaib was known for his fast bowling, which got him his popular nickname, Rawalpindi Express. Currently, Shoaib is mentoring young fast bowlers of Pakistan and is also indulged in various charity activities. Shoaib was recently became talk of the town for his performance in St. Moritz Ice Cricket Tournament, and now he is in talks again, and this time it is because of his apparent death!




A social media user named Ahsan Kamal Pasha apparently tried to spread rumour about his death, when he wittily and sarcastically said,  Sad News – Shoaib Akhtar (Ralwalpindi Express) today at the age of 42, passed by a Fruit shop this morning, followed by a sad emoji. Take a look at his post:



He however said passed by, not passed away, in order to troll Shoaib and confuse his fans! When Shoaib got to know about it, he said it’s just a rumour and Ahsan is probably pulling his leg on social media. He too Jokingly said that he indeed ‘pass by’ a fruit shop daily. Take a look at Shoaib’s tweet:



Although Shoaib’s fans thought that the joke was made in a bad taste and they completely disliked it. Look at some of the comments by Shoaib’s fans:






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