The Reason Why 17-Year-Old Shivansh Joshi Ditched IIT To Join NDA Will Fill You With Pride

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5:09 pm 29 Nov, 2017


Everything had been going well for 17-year-old Shivansh Joshi – selection in India’s most coveted technology institute IIT which would have ensured a well-paying job – but he had other plans in mind.

For Shivansh, serving India was always the upmost priority. As a result, he topped the National Defence Academy (NDA) entrance examination with a score of 97 per cent marks, and now wants to serve the nation.

However, his selection of NDA over IIT has surprised many, including his parents and teachers. But according to this lad from Rampur in Uttarakhand, his capabilities would be better utilised at NDA rather than at IIT.


“I am inspired by those who made the supreme sacrifice of their lives for our country. I too want to contribute to the development of my country. I can do that better as a man in uniform,” he was quoted by India Today as saying.

He added:

“Serving the country has been my objective since childhood. The love for the country runs in the blood of youngsters of Uttarakhand and I feel fortunate to be living my dream now.”

Shivansh Joshi naidunia

Joshi is very clear about where we wants to go in future, as in his own words, he wants to learn from the past and build on that for a bright future.

Though his decision was surprising to many, his parents are overjoyed to see their son in uniform. His father Sanjeev Joshi works with Life Insurance Corporation and his mother is a primary school teacher.


As per his father, Shivansh was able to devote equal time in sports as well as studies, and he has exceled in both. His father thinks that it is his positive thinking that has helped him a lot.

Despite realising the fact that the NDA training would be tough, he said he is well prepared for it.