Lord Shiva Is The Ultimate Liberal God. Now Deal With It

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4:42 pm 9 Dec, 2015

1. He is the only God worshipped in his androgynous form – Ardhanarishwar.

Depicting both male and female characteristics, He shows that genders do not matter to him.


2. He smokes pot and doesn’t mind if His bhakts smoke pot too.


Shiv Bhakt


3. You can offer him anything – alcohol or weed, He doesn’t mind!

The Lord Kaalbhairav in Ujjain is offered alcohol, and Bhasma Aarati, which is worship of the deity with the ashes of cremated bodies, is performed for Lord Mahakaal.


4. Tantriks see Him as the God of sex. He takes no offence.


5. Both unmarried and married women can worship Him.

There are restrictions on age, gender, and marital status for women when it comes to worshipping other deities.


6. From Kings to Aghoris, everyone can worship Shiva. He has no class barrier for His bhakts.

It was Ravana who composed the Tandava Strotram in praise of Lord Shiva.


7. Devas, Manav, Asuras, Rakshashas, Danavs, Daityas, Yakshas, everyone bows before Him with respect.

(Rakshashas, Danavs and Daityas do not worship Lord Vishnu.)


8. He drank poison to save the universe. Welfare of all is his way of doing things.


9. His love for His wife – Sati (in a previous avatar) and Parvati in her current – is unconditional and unparalleled.

This is why every woman in India wants a husband like Shiva.


10. He stays in the shadows while His wife is worshipped as Shakti, Durga or Kali – all symbolising women power.

Only a true liberal respects the power of women.


11. He doesn’t demand anything from His devotees and is pleased with the simplest of offerings.

This is why no one tells you to offer gold to him.


Worship Lord


12. He is the only God who, even though married, is detached from worldly life.


13. He doesn’t care about His attire. The cost of His garments is the lowest among all Gods.


14. Even His most devout followers can pursue all materialistic activities.

As long as they do not stray from the path of Dharma.


15. His devotees can make offerings with their left hand. He doesn’t mind.


16. He has compassion for all beings, including animals. This is why He is called Pashupatinath.


17. Of the trinity, Shiva is the destroyer but He rarely exercises His powers because He is rarely angry.

Only twice has He shown His anger. For the first time it was when Sati died and the second time it was when Lord Kaamdev tried to break His meditation.


18. Shiva respects other Gods and never sees himself as superior to them.

His respect for the avatars of Vishnu, particularly Lord Ram, testifies this. Lord Hanuman was Shiva’s avatar.



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