If Centre Can’t Bring Back Vijay Mallya, How Will They Bring Back Dawood, Asks Shiv Sena

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2:23 pm 15 Mar, 2016


Shiv Sena took a jibe at the Centre by asking how would the government bring back wanted underworld don Dawood Ibrahim to India, when they could not even bring the liquor baron Vijay Mallya back to the country.

Shiv Sena, which is part of the ruling NDA at the Centre, also lashed out at the government’s ‘soft approach’ towards Mallya who faces charges of money laundering.


“How can people like Lalit Modi and Vijay Mallya be allowed to leave the country in the first place? We have so many agencies set internationally who can track them. This is a system failure and it’s not about how powerful Mallya is,” Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut said.


Mallya left the country on March 2, days before a group of creditor-banks led by the State Bank of India moved the Supreme Court to restrain him from leaving India.

A consortium of 17 banks led by the State Bank of India wants the liquor baron to be arrested for not repaying about Rs. 9,000 crore he had borrowed.

In an email interview with the Sunday Guardian, the business tycoon has said that he feels that he already been branded as criminal in the country and therefore, it was not the right time for him to return.


“There was a lookout notice issued against me last year. But I didn’t ‘escape’. Why am I being portrayed as a criminal now? Loan defaults are a business matter. When the banks give out loans, they know the risk involved. They decide we don’t. Our own business was flourishing, but plummeted suddenly. Don’t make me the villain. I have the best intentions. I’m quiet because I fear my words will be twisted like of others,” he said.


When asked about the current location at which he was residing presently, he said that it was not wise for him to reveal his whereabouts, asserting that all he wanted was to feel safe.