Disappointed Shiv Sena Leader Sushil Kumar Jain Converts To Islam

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9:20 am 21 Apr, 2016


A disappointed Shiv Sena leader in Uttar Pradesh’s Khatauli town in Muzaffarnagar district, cretaed flutter in the political circles, when he converted to Islam.


Sushil Kumar Jain theindianawaaz

Media reports suggest that Sushil Kumar Jain has converted to Islam on February 15 by his own choice.


However his conversion came to light on April 19 only when Jain, who denied any pressure, will now be known as Mohammad Abdul Samad.

Reports also say that Sushil Kumar Jain accepted Islam following disappointment with the Jain community, municipal corporation, and work culture of revenue department.

He clarified that he was not pressurised to change his religion.

Shiv Sena flags ---name of site---

Shiv Sena flags —name of site—

Sushil Kumar Jain’s conversion to Islam has left many amazed in the locality as the man was known for being a extremist Hindu.