Rashtrawadi Shiv Sena Wants All Hindus To Wear A Tilak On 15 August

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4:48 pm 11 Aug, 2015

The Rashtrawadi Shiv Sena has two events lined up for 15th August this year. One is the ‘Hello, Hi Chodiye .. Jay Hindu Rashtra Boliye’.

The event page description on Facebook states that to make India a Hindu nation, everyone should stop “Islamic activity” against India. What that has to do with saying “Hello” or “Hi” is unclear.


The second event is ‘Hindu Ho Tilak Lagao’. The group claims that wearing a tilak will burn and obliterate any sinners.

The tilak, which stands for the third eye, is a religious symbol. According to their Facebook page, if even half of Hindus wear the tilak they can prove their superiority (to everybody I’m guessing?) without any violence.


The page also states that “they” are just 25 million and threaten 100 million Hindus only because Hindus aren’t aware of their power.

The group claims that if all Hindus wear the tilak, then anyone with wrong thoughts will be scared because he’ll be surrounded by tilak-wearing Hindus. The group warns that Indian Hindus shouldn’t go the way of their Nepali brethren.



And of course, no Hindutva page would be complete without the obligatory attack on anyone not Hindu:



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