Ever Wondered Why Shirt Pockets Are Always On The Left?

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4:27 pm 3 Aug, 2016

Almost everyone wears shirts, but have you noticed something that is common in all shirts?

No, not the buttons or collars, they vary. What remains the same is the pocket that stays on the left. Yes, these days many shirts have pockets on both sides but since the beginning the pockets have always been located on the left side of shirts and not on right and here is the reason behind it…


The answer is really simple!

It is way easier to use a pocket on the left from your right hand and therefore they are located on the left. But, if you are thinking what if a person is left-handed?

I can just say, ‘majority wins’ because most people are right-handed, therefore shirts have pockets on the left.


An addition to it is…

If you have kept something protective or hard like a coin or mobile in your pocket, it can save your heart from any harmful attack or strong penetration.


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