Shirish Kunder Blasts A Troll Who Tried To Ridicule Him By Turning Him Into A Woman

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3:19 pm 9 Nov, 2017


Shirish Kunder became the talk of the town when famous filmmaker Farah Khan married him. The eight years of age difference between the two created a lot of buzz. However, this never affected the duo’s relationship and the two have managed to come a long way together. Today, Shirish has his own name in the entertainment world. Apart from his work, the filmmaker is also famous because of his Twitter handle. His one-liners are getting famous day by day. If you want to get rid of those interfering aunties or over possessive relatives, just spend a day reading Shirish’s tweets and you will be all set to conquer them all!


Recently, Shirish posted a sarcastic tweet when Twitter increased its word limit. Here’s what the filmmaker posted:



As we all know, trolling and slamming has become a part and parcel of social media. A Twitter user @Abracadabra1263 tried ridiculing Shirish by turning his pic into a woman’s picture.

Take a look at the troller’s tweet:

And it took no time for Shirish to blast the troll away. Here’s how fantastically Shirish handled the troll like a boss.


The way Shirish handled the situation made the fans praise him a lot more. Here’s how people reacted to his reply:



Don’t you this Shirish gave a savage reply? Do share your views in the comments section below!

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