The Different Classes Of Ships Used By the Indian Navy (Part II)

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4:11 pm 10 Jul, 2015

Continuing with our list of the different classes of ships used by the Indian Navy, here is part two. Remember, all ships mentioned here are in active service with the Indian Navy. We have not included ships that have been decommissioned or are yet to be commissioned.

Brahmaputra Class

1. INS Brahmaputra

Lead ship of her class of guided missile frigates of the Indian Navy, INS Brahmaputra was built at the Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers (GRSE), Kolkata.


2. INS Betwa

Named after the Betwa river, INS Betwa took active part in Operation Sukoon and Operation Cactus.


3. INS Beas

The third ship of her class, INS Beas was a part of the Indian Navy task force on deployment to Europe.


Godavari Class

1. INS Godavari

Lead ship of her class, INS Godavari is in the process of being decommissioned.


2. INS Ganga

INS Ganga is a guided missile frigate type ship. INS Ganga along with INS Godavari and INS Shakti were deployed to Mogadishu in December 1994 to support the withdrawal of the Indian Army’s 66th


3. INS Gomati

The third in its class, INS Gomati had some substandard components. It is believed that it will be decommissioned soon.


Kamorta Class

INS Kamorta

Built by the Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers, INS Kamorta is an anti-submarine corvette.


Kora Class

1. INS Kora

It is the lead ship of her class of corvettes.



2. INS Kirch


3. INS Kulish

A Kora class corvette, Kulish was part of a seven-ship fleet which represented the Eastern Naval Command at Indian Navy’s annual TROPEX exercise, which concluded on 1 March 2013.


4. INS Karmuk

INS Karmuk took part in JIMEX 2012 and also was deployed in the South China Sea as part of India’s Look East policy.


Kukhri Class

1. INS Kukhri

Lead vessel of her class of corvette, INS Kukhri is named after INS Kukhri, the only Indian Ship ever lost in combat.


2. INS Kuthar

Designed by Indian naval architects and built at Mazagaon Dock, INS Kuthar was part of Western Naval Command till 1998 but later moved to Eastern Naval Command.


3. INS Kirpan


4. INS Khanjar


Veer Class

1. INS Veer

Lead ship of her class, INS Veer is a corvette (small warship).


2. INS Nirbhik


3. INS Nirpat


4. INS Nishank


5. INS Nirghat



6. INS Vibhuti


7. INS Vipul


8. INS Vinash


9. INS Vidyut


10. INS Nashak


11. INS Prabal


12. INS Pralaya


Abhay Class

1. INS Abhay

Lead ship of her class of anti-submarine warfare corvettes.


2. INS Ajay


3. INS Akshay


4. INS Agray


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