Shilpa Shinde Finally Clears The Air Over Her Relationship With Vikas Gupta

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1:32 pm 2 May, 2018


Bigg Boss show is infamous for many reasons. There are loud controversies, fake relationships, dirty games, and what not.  And the recent Bigg Boss 11 was no different. One of the most controversial figures of this season was actress Shilpa Shinde, and her love-hate relationship with Vikas Gupta grabbed a lot of eyeballs.



While they were in the house, a lot their fans linked them romantically on social media platforms and  ‘ShiKas’  became one of the trending hashtags on Twitter.




Also, recently, there have been rumors that Shilpa is about to get married to Vikas Gupta, but now, Shilpa and Vikas both have accepted that they are not even friends. Surprising, isn’t it?

One of their admirers made a video of Shilpa and Vikas, and Shilpa took to Twitter to clear the air. This is what she tweeted:


After her tweet, Vikas Gupta too supported her stand and said that all they have is respect for each other.




Let’s respect their respect.

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