What Shilpa Shinde Said After Winning ‘Bigg Boss Season 11’ Proves Why She Deserves The Trophy

5:31 pm 15 Jan, 2018


Since October last year, many trends became viral and then got replaced by newer stories. There was one trend that remained consistently viral on social media – #BiggBoss11. After over three months of unstoppable drama, Shilpa Shinde has bagged the title of the Winner of Indian television’s biggest reality show – “Bigg Boss Season 11”.

Shilpa Shinde.rediff.com

We all know that Shilpa had remained an eminent contender for the title for weeks. She brilliantly managed to take away the audience’s attention from another contender Hina Khan. In fact, there were two visible camps on social media – The Shilpa ‘Maa’ Camp and The ‘EyeHina’ Camp. It was no surprise that eventually these two ladies ended up reaching the final two spots.


Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde.mensxp.com

Bigg Boss 11, which is being referred to as one of the most successful seasons of the show, had a lot of new twists and turns. From families living in the Padosi House to shocking eliminations – BB11 was a full-fledged entertainer with unexpected plot twists. Another surprise element happened during the Finale episode when Salman Khan announced that Live Voting Lines were to open for 10 minutes.



Shilpa Shinde.indianexpress.com

This gave Shilpa and Hina fans the last window to make a difference for their favorite contestants. Eventually, Shilpa Shinde won by a very close margin. Salman seemed quite excited about Shinde’s win.


Shilpa Shinde.mensxp.com

When Shilpa was asked about her victory, she said:

“Simplicity will always win. I am very happy that my audiences loved me. I have gone through a lot and there was a time when I thought everything was over. I never wanted to do Bigg Boss but they convinced me and today when I have won the show, it feels fulfilling. When I went to the mall, I saw people cheering for me and somehow I could sense that I might win the show. It was just confidence and not overconfidence which everyone claims.”