Shikhar Dhawan Drops 3 ODIs To Take Care Of His Unwell Wife, Gets Praised By Fans Like Never Before

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9:33 pm 14 Sep, 2017


Kohli boys aka Indian Cricket Team is preparing to give tough competition to the Aussies in the upcoming India vs Australia cricket series. However, you won’t be seeing this important player playing in the first three ODIs. No, don’t worry, no one from the cricket team is injured or unwell!


Shikhar Dhawan has dropped out from the first three One Day International matches of the India vs Australia series and the reason behind this tough decision has doubled his respect in the eyes of Dhawan’s fans.


Shikhar Dhawan’s wife, Aesha Dhawan, is not well and to take care of his unwell wife and to be with her in hard times, Dhawan has decided to skip the first three ODIs.

Isn’t this cute?



As reported by a leading daily, BCCI has just released an official statement stating that Dhawan will be missing from three ODIs. Here’s what the statement says,

Team India opener Shikhar Dhawan has requested to be released from the team foro the first three ODIs of the Paytm Australia tour of India, 2017 to attend to his wife, who is unwell. The All-India Senior Selection Committee has decided not to name any replacement for Dhawan in Indian Cricket Team.

As soon as Dhawan’s fans got to know this, they started praising the cricketer like never before. Check out some of the tweets appreciating Dhawan for being such a wonderful husband.





Shikhar Dhawan has often proved that he is not just a brilliant cricketer but also a loving and responsible family man. It’s not the first time when Dhawan has made such a sacrifice. Earlier also Shikhar has requested for leave to be with his family.


It was during the India vs Sri Lanka series when his mother was ill and he decided to be with his ailing mother. On September 2, BCCI issued a statement saying that Dhawan will be leaving for India mid-series to be with his ailing mother.

Shikhar Dhawan would be leaving for India tomorrow i.e. September 3rd to see his ailing mother. Dhawan’s mother is stable and is recovering well at the moment.


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