Only Sherlock Can Solve This 18-year-old Cryptic Code

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7:26 pm 23 Jan, 2014

Sherlock may be making waves across the TV world solving modern-day crimes using the century old proven method of deduction. But often is he perturbed by the lack of good cases and this is why we think this one should have gone to him. Nevertheless, this 18-year-old cryptic code was solved by an internet user. Check it out yourself and see if you can solve it. Scroll down to see the answer.

Cryptic Code

Credit: Janna K on MetaFilter



If you have failed to solve it, the answer as provided by a MetaFilter user ‘harperpitt’ in 16 minutes flat, is as follows:


 Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name… etc etc etc

In other words, the alphabets are the first letters of a Biblical prayer.

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