Shekhar Suman’s Attack On Kangana Ranaut After Watching ‘Simran’ Is Harsh

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6:45 pm 18 Sep, 2017

Kangana Ranaut’s bold and blunt interview on the show ‘Aap Ki Adalat’ brought a storm in the industry. It started with Aditya Pancholi keeping her in house arrest to Hrithik Roshan making fun of all the love that she showed for him. The woman, without mincing her words even a bit, unveiled the reality of her life and the cost she had to pay for trusting people at such a tender age.


Many forgotten and failed actors and actresses tried taking advantage of the controversy by getting involved in it. There were people who blamed Kangana and said that she is playing the woman card. There were some who said that it’s a publicity stunt for her upcoming movie ‘Simran’.

On one hand, where Kangana’s film ‘Simran’ is being praised and appreciated, there is Shekhar Suman who is not pleased with the movie.


After watching the film, the comedian/host/actor posted an indirect tweet that people are assuming is for Kangana. Here’s what Shekhar Suman wrote in his indirect tweet after watching ‘Simran’.

Kangana’s blunt interview might have offended many in the industry but it has almost doubled her fan following. People didn’t like Shekhar Suman’s comment calling Kangana’s film ‘Simran’ bad.

The actor soon got trolled and criticized for his failed career by the actress’s fans. Here is a compilation of the reactions that Shekhar Suman’s tweet got:

Surprisingly, Shekhar Suman went on replying to each one who trolled him 😮 and kept on getting trolled by them!






And when people said that he is losing all the respect he has earned all these years by posting such tweets, he said,




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