Government Clears First Phase Of Army Reforms As Recommended By Shekatkar Committee

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5:30 pm 31 Aug, 2017


The Centre has approved major reforms for the Indian Army as per the recommendations of the Shekatkar Committee.

The reforms are aimed at increasing the combat capabilities and re-balancing defense expenditure. Posts of 57,000 officers and soldiers will be restructured and would increase the tooth and tail ratio. There will be massive changes to optimize signal establishments, restructuring of repair echelons, redeploying of ordnance echelons, enhanced utilization of transport and closure of military farms and Army postal services at peace locations.

The committee Bharat Shakti


The Defence Ministry stated,


These reforms will be completed by December 31, 2019. Restructuring by the Indian Army is aimed at enhancing combat capability in a manner that the officers/JCOs/ORs will be used for improving operational preparedness and civilians will be redeployed in different wings of the Armed Forces for improving efficiency.

The savings can be hence utilized for overcoming deficiencies in combat arms. Additional vacancies for additional officers in combat regiments will be allotted to overcome the shortage of officers and hence the teeth to the tail ratio would improve.

A defense strategist commented,

The concept of warfare and logistics has changed over time, with modern mechanised forces Centre Approves Structural Reforms for Army Overhaul and induction of new equipment in the Army. So this major reform was required.


The committee was set up and was headed by Lt. General Shekatkar (retd.). 99 recommendations were made by the committee and the defense minister, Arun Jaitley, has approved 65 recommendations to be implemented in the first phase. This will be the biggest overhaul in the Army since independence.

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