Someone Tried Coping Shashi Tharoor’s Writing Style, Received An Unexpected Reply From Him

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3:46 pm 29 Dec, 2017

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor is one of those leaders who never mince their words when it comes to speaking their mind. He is also someone who made Twitter popular among Indians. It was Tharoor who first started using Twitter to express himself and shared his thoughts with his followers. Also, Tharoor’s writing style is something people talk about a lot. One has to keep a dictionary handy if s/he is reading Tharoor’s write-ups or tweets.


Tharoor’s writing style has made many people his fans and there are many who try copying his style. One such wannabe Tharoor recently tried wishing his friend Anushree Arun a Happy New Year and Christmas using fancy words and called it ‘Tharoor’s style’.

Here’s what the person wrote in his message:

“May your festive season be punctuated with revachism whose magnoliquence can only be theatropistically analysed by the use of reminiscent exacerbation. I hope you dont mind my apostacy. I know your arquistic impedance might not engulf this kind of debauched pedagogy because of its repuginatious tolecentrism.

Just wished Christmas and Happy New Year….

Shashi Tharoor style”

Anushree in her reply to person wrote that just by using fancy words from a thesaurus cannot make you Tharoor. Shashi Tharoor’s writings actually make sense and it is not easy to become someone like him.

She even posted a screenshot of the conversation on Twitter:

Even Tweeple agreed with her. Here’s how they reacted:



Also, something unexpected happened! Shashi Tharoor himself retweeted Anushree’s tweet and said that the writing is nothing but “incomprehensible gibberish”.

Take a look at Tharoor’s tweet below:

He even retweeted a post saying that it has grammatical and spelling errors and Shashi Tharoor can never make such mistakes.


Do you also think that there is no one who can copy Tharoor’s style of writing? Do share your views in the comments.