Shashi Tharoor Responds To The Petition That Wants To See Him As UPA’s PM Candidate

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3:25 pm 17 Mar, 2017

Responding to the online petition which is seeking Congress leader Shashi Tharoor as UPA’s PM candidate for 2019 elections, Kerala MP said that he neither endorses the campaign nor supports it.


The petition, which initially aimed at getting 10,000 signature, has already garnered more than 16,000 signs and has got many on Twitter pleading the Congress leader to consider it.


Finally responding to the campaign via a Facebook post, Tharoor wrote,

“I am a member of Parliament for the Congress Party, nothing more and nothing less. The party has a settled leadership, which is not up for debate.”

Though touched by the gesture, he discouraged his ‘followers’ from signing the petition and said he would continue his work for the constituency and articulate his hopes about the country.

He then went on to ask his followers to withdraw the petition.

“Once again, I thank everyone for their faith and support, and request that the petition be withdrawn. – Jai Hind!”

The online petition was started by a man called Paul Trivandrum, who said that the country needs Tharoor as UPA’s PM candidate for 2019 so as to “rejuvenate the opposition”.


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