Amul Took A Dig At Tharoor’s ‘Farrago’ of English Tweets But His Hilarious Reply Once Again Took The Cake

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9:02 pm 16 Dec, 2017


Congress leader Shashi Tharoor in recent past has become Twitter’s favorite English teacher with his tweets not only giving its readers some baffling new words which make them run to the nearest dictionary but also provided Twitter trolls some of the best materials for memes this year.


In the past year, thanks to Mr. Tharoor, we all have come to know of words like ‘farrago’. ‘webakoof’ and most recently ‘rodomontade.’

These words have now made Mr. Tharoor a living ‘English legend’ and despite the trolls (whom we love) have left his audience impressed by his diction and wanting more.



Cashing in on his tweets popularity, Amul, who are known for their ‘pun intended’ ads, took a dig at Mr. Tharoor’s English by suggesting that “someone” needs a thesaurus.



Their latest ad though got one of the best replies from Mr. English himself,  as he not only took the dig sportingly but as always, left many of his fans bemused with his reply.







Good one Mr. Tharoor, you once again made our day and left us laughing for hours.