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This Petition Shared By Shashi Tharoor Might Compel British Government To Apologize To India

Published on 26 March, 2017 at 9:06 pm By

Shashi Tharoor has been waging a war against the British for a long time now. No, he is not using machetes or machineguns, just words.




Through his impeccable command over the language of the colonial masters themselves, Tharoor has been smashing the British by reminding them of the atrocities they committed on the people of their colonies during the Raj.

The MP has been demanding that the British apologize for what they did in India – brutality, exploitation of both men and resources, and, needless to mention, insult the culture.

Tharoor has been asking for reparations from the British for the wrongs it committed during their almost 200-year-rule since 2015.

He recently lashed out at the British education system for not teaching the British children their colonial history and also educated a Sky News anchor on why exactly should the British pay reparations.

“Do you know that a million Indians fought under arms for the British side? Do you know that Indians supplied pack animals, clothing, food, ration, even rail lines ripped out of the ground for the war effort?”

Tharoor has now taken his war to a very high level – technically, to one of the highest levels possible.

He shared a petition on Twitter started by his UK-based nephew Avinash which seeks an official apology from the British government.


The petition, uploaded on the official petitions page of the UK parliament requires just 100,000 signatures for it to be taken up for debate in the House. That in itself will be a major achievement.

At the time of writing the petition had 1429 signatures.


And if Britain decides to apologize or pay reparations or both, it will be a sweet victory for all Indians. You can sign the petition here, provided you are a citizen of Great Britain or United Kingdom.


There are around 1.4 million Britons of Indian ethnicity living in United Kingdom. That’s a very huge number! So even if less than a tenth of them sign the petition, the debate will be on.

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