Shashi Tharoor Introduces Indian Netizens To A Hinglish Word Which Takes A Dig On Trolls

2:30 pm 26 Jul, 2017


Shashi Tharoor is at the pinnacle of coolness that many of us want to achieve. Though he has a bittersweet relationship with the internet, at the same time, he likes to keep an upper-hand as well. Remember how the man had created a social media tornado with his “exasperating farrago”? The new word he has given us is not as confusing as this, but brutally counter-trolls the internet trolls.

The Congress leader and the wordsmith of the 21st century, Shashi Tharoor, took out a Hinglish word from his vault this time. All the desis among us are quite happy to add a new word to our vocabulary given by him.



If one has to level up the English language proficiency and add a dash of wit to it, then, it is advisory to start following Shashi Tharoor.

Webaqoof, an amalgamated derivative of Web and Bewakoof  (which means stupid or dimwit). In one blow, Tharoor retains the tag of a being Mr. Cool and annihilates all his haters. Twitterati gave a thumbs up and accepted the word instantly.










We feel enlightened, Mr. Tharoor.



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