Shankaracharya Slaps Journalist For Asking Modi Question

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12:19 pm 24 Jan, 2014


Shankaracharya slaps journalist

Jabalpur: The Shankaracharya of Dwarka and Jyotish Peeth slapped a journalist for asking a question on Narendra Modi.

The journalist had not even finished asking his question when the 91-year-old Shankaracharya slapped him in an unexpected burst of anger.


Later when asked on why he reacted in such a manner, the Shankaracharya said that he was offended when the journo posed a political question. He added that he was not interested in Modi’s prospects as a PM.

The Shankaracharya said that Modi should first clearly tell the people of India what he intends to do if he becomes the PM.

A resident of Sivni in Madhya Pradesh, the Shankaracharya is a former Indian freedom fighter and has a very close association with the Nehru-Gandhi family.

Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh is his disciple.

Defending his actions, one of his disciples said that the Shankaracharya slapped the journalist because the latter had broken the code of civility by coming too near to the godman who has been advised by doctors to maintain a distance from people while interacting.


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