Mumbai-Based Poet Shamir Reuben Accused Of Sexual Misconduct By Multiple Women

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12:02 pm 9 Feb, 2018

Shamir Reuben, a slam poetry artist, hailing from Mumbai has been accused of sexual misconduct, primarily with minor girls. He has been accused of sending unsolicited sexual text messages to a number of women, at least three of which were minor. Shamir is the creative head of Kommune, a Mumbai-based art/live performance collective and an active member in the slam poetry circuit.

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The act of sexual harassment has been brought to light by Sakina Bootwala,who too is a poet. Describing Shamir, Sakina said:

“An extremely well-known face of the community, who speaks about women empowerment, equality and pretty much all the other relevant social issues there are, is a closet predator who preys on young, naive girls, of whom a lot were minors when he sexted them, coerced them into sending him nude pictures, and in some cases even forced himself on them.”

Sakina Bootwala was the first woman to call out on the misconduct by Shamir Reuben by writing an extensive Facebook post. Her post was followed by breaking of silence by a number of other women. Take a look at Sakina’s Facebook post below:

In the above post, Sakina has also said that she knows some other girls who have been abused by Shamir and posted screenshots of chats in which other girls have shared their ordeal.

Sakina’s post did not take much time to go viral and in no time, the accused, Shamir Reuben came up with an apology in response to these allegations.

Take a look at his post below:

Kommune, the organization in which Reuben was appointed as the creative head also responded to Sakina’s post saying that the outfit  “recognizes that posts have been shared about Shamir Reuben’s past conduct with certain individuals” and have suspended the poet’s role at Kommune.

There is no surprise that when a poet who is seen as a respectable person in the society , “feminist” and a lot more got exposed as a sexual harasser, there were some really outrageous reactions on social media. Take a look at some of them below:

It had been going on for long!


All his fans and followers are shocked!




Its time to stand up-



More power to Sakina Bootwala and all the other who have and will be raising their voice against the harasser!