Mohammed Shami Becomes Target Of Trolls Once Again For Uploading Daughter’s Birthday Pics

Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 4:59 pm

Mohammed Shami has invited the ire of social media trolls once again. Only a few days ago, Irfan Pathan was brutally criticized for uploading a picture with his wife. Tough days for these cricketers don’t seem to end. To troll liberal personalities has become a sport for orthodox Islamists who aim to teach a thing or two about the true Islamic lifestyle.

The Islamist fundamentalists are targeting their gun’s barrels at ace cricketer Mohammed Shami for uploading a photo collage from his daughter’s birthday celebration. Shami’s daughter, Aairah, has turned 2 and like any doting parent, he thought of sharing his happiness online.


Things took a bitter turn when self-righteous Islamists attacked Shami for being “un-Islamic” and a “bad-Muslim.” This time the point of departure was celebrating birthdays which is considered to be haraam in Islam. No points for guessing, the fact that his wife was seen without a hijab also instigated people to hurl abuses at him.




Shami’s uncle chose sides by saying that there is “Nothing wrong with photo he posted on Facebook”.


On the other hand, his coach worries that the regressive attitude of people can adversely affect his performance.


Meanwhile, the dialogue in favor of Mohammed Shami is strong on social media as supporters are pouring in tweets and comments.



Mohammed Shami was the center of controversies in the past when he uploaded a picture with his wife wearing a gown. People criticized him for not “keeping” his wife modestly dressed according to Islamic notions. Shami stood by his wife’s freedom to wear whatever she wants. Now, it seems like his message wasn’t clear to the trolls.

Bigots cannot be satisfied no matter what is done. When Irfan Pathan uploaded a picture with his wife in hijab, people ridiculed the “nail polish” she was wearing. Shami’s unwavering stand against trolls makes him look like a better and smart man.